Cadillac Used Cars Are Still a Car of Choice

Let’s talk about some of the different Cadillac used cars. Most North American people grew up knowing the Cadillac brand; we knew it was a car of luxury and prestige. New Caddies can cost a lot of money so a lot of people can’t afford them new. There is still a way to afford a Cadillac and that is to purchase one used. Below I will talk about some of the different 2009 Cadillac vehicles.

Cadillac used cars like the CTS-V are powered by a super-charged 6.2litre V8 556 horsepower engine. It comes with six-speed manual transmission or a six-speed automatic transmission. It features a Magnetic Ride Control suspension (that is used in the vette as well) that allows almost instant change in the shock absorbers. This vehicle possesses a lot of power.

2009 Cadillac Escalade used cars come now with a two mode hybrid, which the automaker has stated has 50 percent more fuel efficiency for city driving. It comes with a 6.2litre V8 engine and can run on E85. Other features the Escalade has to offer are power adjustable tilt steering, Side Blind Alert System and real-time traffic through XM satellite radio.

In 2009 the DTS came with a new interior trim revision (that the 2011 models still have) and a new wheel design. Another neat thing it has is a Speed Limit Advisor which works through the XM Satellite radio and they also added three new colours for the exterior of the vehicle. They also added a process that doesn’t allow rust on the brake rotors.

If you’re someone who wants to own a certain type of Cadillac but can’t afford a new one, I would suggest looking for one to two year old Caddies. They don’t hold their value as well as other brands but these used cars or SUV’s are still like new. Cadillac used cars are great vehicles to drive period.