What’s New on XM Satellite Radio?

Many folks have been awaiting the merger between XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio, as this would bring more choices to satellite radio listeners and give us all more options too. Satellite Radio has sure made waves in the radio industry and completely turned the entire sector on its ears.

Each month there seems to be more options, venues and new shows on both Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Radio and the number of subscribers is truly out of this world as well. XM radio currently has about 7.5 million subscribers and Sirius Satellite radio has about five million. Together they have 12.5 million subscribers that are listening to music, talk radio in news that actually really is truly out of this world.

They both have about 170 channels and whereas many are duplicated some are not. This means if they were two combined there would still be just under 300 channels total. And the merger of this size would allow them to keep all of their channels and all their subscribers would become more loyal than ever before.

Although they are sure to cut some of them of channels because they are an absolute duplication of just about the same exact venue, they will be keeping most of all the good stuff and your favorite radio personalities, talk shows, sports and news. Each week both Sirius and XM send out emails to all their subscribers telling them about upcoming special feature programming and new stations.

So, when you ask what’s new on XM Radio, well it’s about to get a whole lot bigger and nearly double its programming if the FCC and FTC approve the merger, so think on this.