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• 1M unique visitors worldwide
• 2M page views
• Affluent audience
• 86% male / 14% female
• 80% are between the ages of 18 – 44

Ads will appear on the following sections:
Homepage, Single post pages, Advertise (728×90 only), Contact Us (728×90 only), Partners (728×90 only).

Ad placements are located in eye-catching positions that are highly viewable (over 80% active view). In addition, because of the nature of our life improvement content, our visitors are more open to exploring new ideas and products. As a result, our average ad CTR (all formats) is way higher than that of the industry average of 0.1% at around 0.4%.

* This website allows animated ads under the following conditions: No expandables or pop-ups


Website (CPM)

Premium 728×90 Leaderboard

Est.Impressions  2,000,000

$5.00 per 1K Imps

Premium 300×250 Homepage

Est.Impressions  1,000,000 

$5.00 per 1K Imps

Middle 300×250 Homepage

Est.Impressions  500,000

$3.50 per 1K Imps

Sticky Post Homepage  Top Center

Est.Impressions  1,000,000 

$5.00 per 1K Imps

Single Post      

Est.Impressions  250,000 

$2.50 per 1K Imps


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