Windows 8 Proposed to Make a Big Splash

Elk Grove Village, IL (PRWEB) July 04, 2012

Many people in the tech world have been buzzing for some time about Windows 8, the next version of Microsoft Windows. Last month in a Computex keynote, Microsoft Corporate Vice President Steven Guggenheimer spoke about Microsofts high expectations with this software upgrade. Guggenheimer oversees Microsofts OEM (original equipment manufacturer) relationships.

The Computex discussion featured some demonstrations of Microsoft 8s enhanced functionality and usability. Guggenheimer even stated that this was to be Microsofts biggest year ever, which is quite a claim given Microsofts huge successes in the computing industry.

One of the most important points made was the consolidation of various technologies (PCs, phones, televisions, etc.) to a single platform. Windows 8 will be compatible with tablets, traditional PCs and more. The RTM (release to manufacturing) is set to be this fall, and will take the spot of Windows 7, which was released in October 2009. This new version is also a great deal faster than Windows 7.

Microsoft has actually been working on this version since before the release of Windows 7. From the beginning, Microsoft stated that Windows 8 was reimagined from the chipset to the user experience.” This version tries to connect to the user and features a new interface based on Metro design language with touchscreen functionality. Windows 8 is also engineered with cloud technology allowing you to log into your personal profile and settings from anywhere around the globe.

Microsoft engineered a brand new style of apps using HTML5 and Javascript and are very similar to apps you might find on a tablet. Previous Microsoft apps like Office and Photoshop will still works, but they wont be optimized for touchscreen functionality. This new version is also a great deal faster than Windows 7.

Microsoft released in February the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, which allows users to get a basic understanding of how the new upgrade will run. This preview can be downloaded from the Microsoft website. The preview you will find gives a great idea of how Windows 8 will look. The new look is very stylish and user-friendly.

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