Various Kinds of Spy Gadgets

There is a mind-boggling array of spy gadgets in the market today – and these can be bought and used by the common man.)

Spying techniques no longer rely so much on physical following and eavesdropping. Even older gadgets and gizmos used in the earlier James Bond movies are now passé. Welcome to the new, technologically advances world where surveillance is so much easier.

There are gadgets for video surveillance, audio surveillance, phone equipment, computer tracking software, bugging devices, anti-terrorism equipment, various kinds of tracking equipment, hidden cameras and more. And then there is counter equipment to jam all these kind of devices for security reasons. Spying and keeping tabs on someone has never been easier. Unfortunately, as things go, there is more and advanced crimes and espionage taking place than ever before.

Home security

At home you probably have some kind of alarm system which is a necessity if you live in a standalone house and not an apartment in a gated complex. If your security is of paramount importance, you may have installed CCTVS. A small child in the house, left with household help, may prompt you to get a covert nanny cam.

Older children may mean that you have parental controls on their computer usage, have tracking devices on their mobiles, perhaps use software so that you can monitor their messages and even see their computer usage. If you have doubts about your spouse, there is a range of equipment available to track his or her movements, conversations and even record them.

Office security

In the office, there may be spy cameras, particularly since nowadays all information is important and leakages have to be prevented. Often computers are carefully monitored by software which can check whether employees are actually working or slacking off and using the internet or doing personal work. In turn you should have security on your computers so that people cannot access sensitive and important information.

In sensitive areas or research labs, there may be more and advanced security measures in place, including biometric sensing equipment. These may use fingerprint or eye access. In not very secure areas, you may still have to swipe your employee cards to get in.

Serious equipment

If you are in a line of work which necessitates high security measures, you need to get the top end equipment, which is going to be expensive. Covert cameras with motion sensor technology, digital recorders, listening devices, tazers or stun guns can all be part of your spy equipment. You may need body armor, too, if you are in a high risk situation.

Whether it is legal to use such equipment or not depends on your local laws. However, a lot of fancy equipment is available off the net with adequate legal warnings.

Fun stuff

Manufacturers make a special range of spy toys for children of all ages. These can range from night vision glasses, to spy kits, to watches to cameras and more. Some of them are kits which older children can use to assemble the gadgets.

Spy lie detector kits, audio and video surveillance equipment, walky-talkies, voice scramblers, fingerprint evidence kit and other toys are all available of children and youngsters of all ages. The difference between spy gadgets for kids and for adults lies in the level of sophistication of the equipment and rendering. Also these products are meant to be used as toys and games, rather than serious spying. Many items are very affordable and make great gifts as well.

The very fact that all these items and more are being manufactured and sold testifies to the fact that there is a market for these products. That is because crime is on the increase and crime detection has become easier.