Macro Photography ? A Brief Discussion

Macro photography is one of the most attractive and popular forms of photography. According to some experts it is very easy to master the art and techniques of macro photography – and that is, perhaps, the secret behind its fame.

Definition of Macro Photography:

Strength of the lens or the range of the lens determines whether the style can be called macro photography or not. A camera with a lens that has a 1:1 range should be used in macro photography so that the image size on the negative or slide is equal to the actual size of the subject.

Hence, if you are using 35 mm photographic film, you should use a camera that can focus on 24×36 mm small area. Then only you can take picture of a subject where the image size on photographic film is equal to the real size of the subject.

What’s interesting in Macro Photography:

Macro photography opens up the doors of a new world. It captures minute details of the subjects – such details are not at all visible in the naked eye. Hence, the viewer can reveal a lot of new things in most familiar subjects while watching the photographs. And unfamiliar subjects become more attractive in macro photography. According to photo critics – macro photography is not only attractive, but seductive!

For example, when someone takes a picture of a rusted chain in 1:1 range, you get to see the exact texture of rust. How rusts look like, what is the exact color of rust and many other minute factors come into notice. That’s what makes macro photography attractive.

Ideas & Subjects of Macro Photography:

People with a knack for photography find the subjects their own. They are artists and they have the eye for the right thing. However, those who are new in this field and about to start their career might need help finding the subject.

Snowflakes, water drops, minerals, butterflies, plants, leaves, flowers and flower petals, baby feet and fingers, eyes, spiders and spider web, insects etc. are the common subjects. Get out in your backyard garden and you will find plenty of subjects worth taking a picture. Macro photography ideas are available online to help you develop the ability to find the right subject.

Nature has always been the main subject of photography and art. However, macro photography experts often take photographs of items such as stamps, coins, automobile parts, wrist watch, pen parts, and other small things and collectibles.

Macro Photography Tutorials:

Working in this field is a new experience even for those who have been involved with photography for long. Opportunities are unlimited here – new equipments and techniques are invented everyday. With the advent of digital photography, entire world has been revolutionized.

Digital photography tutorials for macro photography help photographers make full use of digital cameras and other equipments in the process. However, it is not mandatory to use digital cameras. Traditional film based cameras are still popular and will be in the market for next few decades if not centuries.

Experts prefer SLR digital cameras for macro shooting. However, compact point and shoot cameras can yield good result too. To know more about photography, take some lessons or tutorials online. Know about photography techniques and equipments; become an expert photographer.