Internet Fax Vs Fax Software

Both internet fax service and fax software are easy to use and set up; and they do not require the investment of a fax machine. Faxes are sent, received and stored in your PC. There is no need for machine maintenance, no paper jam problem, no misplaced fax documents, and the paper and cartridge cost can also be reduced.

The main advantage of internet fax service over traditional fax software is its convenience and mobility. Internet fax service allows you to send and receive faxes from anywhere with internet access, even in your handheld device. You do not need to leave your modem and PC on in order to receive faxes. There is no need for an additional phone line. You will not get a busy signal and you will never miss a fax.

Another advantage of internet fax service is that it helps your company image by providing professional service to your customers.

Unlike fax software, which is often used by homes and small businesses, internet fax service is good for businesses of all sizes. You can get a free fax number or a toll free number at very low cost in more than 2000 cities around the world. Your clients can send you faxes for free and you are either charged with a very low rate or at no extra cost at all. Some companies even allow you to send faxes to global destinations for free. This versatility is extremely useful for small to medium or even large corporations. Even when your office is located in the U.S., you can set up a toll free or local number in Tokyo and your Japanese clients can send faxes to you for free. The faxes are then routed to your email address. Similarly, you can also send them faxes as email attachments by simply typing their fax number in the TO: line of an email message.

Price and package are the prime concerns when shopping for internet fax service. Do the companies provide free local number? How much does a toll free number cost? How many pages of free incoming and outgoing faxes are included in the monthly fee? Do they provide free wireless access? Do they have enough coverage and provide a local number in your area of interest? What about the reputation of the companies? Do they provide free trial?

In summary, internet fax service is a useful tool for homes and businesses of all sizes. If you would like to have the convenience of sending and receiving faxes anytime anywhere, consider this new service. You will see how it works much better than fax software or a fax machine.

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