iAssist Inventory Software



In true iAssist property inventory style, in delivering the ability to assign responsibilities, we’ve taken the opportunity to deliver a lot more.


To speed up your property inventory methods, so the perceived need was to create a way of identifying which items and comments required the landlord’s attention, and which required some action on the part of the tenant.

So straight away we decided to send the selected comments to extract lists rather than use a key letter next to the comment. This seemed evidently better because the reader of your property inventory reports won’t have to scan the whole report to find what she needs to know at that moment – she can flip to a list where all the comments and items assigned to that category are displayed.

For instance the Landlord could flip to the section entitled ‘Landlord’s responsibilities’ and know that everything he read was applicable to him. So we created a simple system allowing the property inventory clerk to assign any comment to the unlucky recipient’s list at a click.


But the tool has even greater scope because you can easily customise the titles of the extract lists. If you’re trying to impress that property management client, why not show them you can extract any item to a list of any title they like – and you’ve potentially got a little tool that can once again helps you pull away from the crowd and personalise your service.

Want an extract list composed entirely of cleaning aspects only? No problem. Want a list detailing where there are cracking issues? Again, no sweat.


So yes, now you can easily let the manager know that he’s got to do something about that damp, and his tenant know that he needs to replace those blown light bulbs – but you could also get a little more creative.