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In as much as you connect to the web, download or use floppy and flash drives your computer is exposed to the risk of being infected with a pathogen. Some of the don’ts are

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If you only have a single drive that has not been partitioned or split into different “logical” drives, you’ll probably need to attach the drive to another PC that has enough space to store all of your information.

This can be quite technical so if you don’t have the talents please get a PC savvy friend to help out. Another choice is to purchase an external USB hard drive case. You may then simply slot the hard drive into the case and plug it into another Computer employing a USB port.

If you can find this opening in the system before the PC uses it for something else, then it is possible to simply undelete it and the file will reappear with all your information. This way you can avoid the need for data recovery software and you should be back in business.

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Purchase virus protection software, install it on your system and use. When you download a pathogen software from the web you’ll instantly be linked to the vendor’s site and download detection code for the most recent viruses. Or you can check their site occasionally to be sure your software is up to date.

If you utilise a information recovery program to try to recover your information then you might wish to try more than one data recovery programme. Different info recovery programs may give you discordant results. One info recovery program might only be in a position to recover part of a file or might be unable to recover the file you want recovered.

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Finally, whatever happens with your computer and critical information, never give room for fear or panic. Think optimistically and get your computer to a mend technician asap, possibilities are your data will be salvageable and safe.