Budget Travel Into The Country

Scotland is best for everything and so for a traveller who looks for a budget travel into the country. With hundreds of excellent hostels, hotels, B&B’s, vibrant cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow, quaint villages and small towns and offshore islands with a unique Scottish culture and much more to offer, a day or two is not enough to tour the entire places in Scotland. If you are planning a trip to Scotland with family, group of friends, as couple or all alone, there are plenty of budget tour packages as well as other ones. If you have decided no to waste money on any packages and have just decided to go on all by yourself (unless you are confident that you can manage all alone), read through the below paragraphs that will help you to enjoy a budget travel in Scotland.
Scotland has wonderful public transportation, both within its major cities and connecting them. For buses to almost anywhere in the UK go to St. Andrews bus station in Edinburgh or Buchanan Bus Station in Glasgow. You can also get a bus at the Glasgow Airport that goes directly to Edinburgh (and vice versa). For trains, Edinburgh’s major station is Waverly and in Glasgow it’s the Queens Street Station (only five hours by train from London’s Euston Station). Check at these stations for all kinds of travel bargains like the “Day Tripper” fare which allows one day’s unlimited travel on ScotRail, Glasgow Underground and most bus services in the Glasgow area. There are lots of package deals such as this in the major cities as well as with the rail and bus systems that cover the entire country. The Backpacker’s Buses are a great option for one who look for a budget travel around the country. These buses can reach you at the doorsteps of any budget hostels of your preference. While the experienced tour guides will explain you about each sites of historical importance and interests. This is a great and inexpensive way to see Scotland at your own pace.
The standard hotel chains like Holiday Inn, Hilton and many exist in Scotland, but they’re not meant for a budget traveller. There are, however, tons of Bed and Breakfast Hotels that are very reasonable in rates. You can find very decent rooms for reasonable prices per night and that includes a hearty breakfast the following morning. Hostels are very safe and affordable lodging alternative. There are so many hostels scattered throughout Scotland, so that you never need to stay in a hotel or B&B. You do not have to be a student to stay in a hostel, all ages are welcome. Hostels are a wonderful way for people travelling alone to make new friends as the dorm style rooms and communal areas really encourage socialization. Loch Lomond and Carbisdale are two of Scotland’s hostels are converted castles. If you’re a privacy freak, then hostels probably aren’t for you.
There’s lots of eating and drinking options for a budget traveller in Scotland. Some of the best bargains are the local pubs, which serve hearty fare: soups, stews, sandwiches, fish and chips and the ever popular national dish: haggis (which has a vegetarian as well as a non-veg version). Give one of them a try as it’s part of the Scottish Experience.
Glasgow and Edinburgh- Scotland’s two major cities, have a lot to offer tourists. The chances are that you’ll be spending some time in at least one of them. Tour buses are a best option to see the major sites in either of these cities in an economical way. Guided tours are offcourse offer you tons of freedom. You just hop on any tour bus and pay the driver a minimal sum and you’ve got transportation for the day. The buses have set routes with stops at all the major tourist areas and attractions. You can hop on and off the bus as much as you like and be secure that there will always be another bus along in about 15-30 minutes. You can spend as much time as you like exploring the things that interests you. There’s a running commentary about the city’s historical sites while on the bus. You can find the buses lined up around Waverly Station in Edinburgh or Queen’s Street Station in Glasgow. Edinburgh also has a variety of interesting, inexpensive walking tours available that will appeal to a variety of tastes. There are historic tours, literary tours and a variety of ghost tours.
A short ride from either of Scotland’s major cities is Stirling, home of Stirling Castle and Stirling Bridge. Travelling on from Stirling, you’ll soon come to Loch Lomond, of the legendary song fame. Loch Lomond is a wonderful place for nature lovers as there’s lots of hiking, biking and fishing as well as cruises on the beautiful lake. Loch Ness and the nearby areas have plenty of attractions to be visited. Clynelish Distillery makes scotch whiskey for some of the world’s largest brands (Johnnie Walker, Mac Donald’s and Cutty Sark) as well as a very nice single malt under their own label. If you happen to be anywhere near Brora, it’s worth the trip to pick up a bottle. To go beyond the main cities and attractions it will take you a week or two to finally just see through the important attractions.
A budget travel in Scotland is possible with a thorough planning so that you can avoid any unforeseen expense. So plan your tour well and have fun with a budget travel in Scotland!