Asia-Domains – Sunrise Period 2b, 2c and 3 Have Started

Sunrise Period 2b,2c and 3 of asia-domains has started at November 13th.

SR2b: General Marks Sunrise for newer trademarks (applied for before December 6, 2006) or marks that have not yet been actively used.

SR2c: Extended Protection for trademark owners to protect their brands beyond the term itself but also domain names that are relevant to their lines of businesses: e.g. XYZ.Asia and XYZcomputers.Asia.

Sunrise 3 (SR3) allows companies in the region to protect and use their name with the asia-domain.

These possibilities shall be extended.See http://www.registry.asia/draft/DotAsia-Sunrise-Addendum–FINALDRAFT-2007-10-12.pdf

You can also register an asia-domain, if your trade mark has a suffix of a top level domain. Roger.asia can be registered, if your trade mark protects roger.com.

Registered Name Holders of certain ccTLD extensions in Asia may apply for the same asia-domain during SR3. No further documentary evidence needs to be submitted unless requested by the .ASIA Registry.
– The Applicant must declare the particular ccTLD extension the SR3 application is based on.
– The WHOIS information obtained at the ccTLD registry should correspond with the Registrant Contact information submitted.
– The Domain Name Applied for must correspond to the Entity Name.

Applicable ccTLDs include .com.au, .co.jp, .co.kr, .com.hk, .com.my and others. A list of the applicable ccTLD extensions is included in Appendix A of the Special Advisory.

Interested readers can see more details there:

Hans-Peter Oswald