American film star faces $50,000 crypto scam charges

Zachery Ty Bryan, who played Brad Taylor on “Home Improvement,” faces accusations of involvement in a cryptocurrency scam. Allegedly, he took $50,000 from multiple individuals by falsely promising to invest it in a cryptocurrency opportunity for a startup named Producers Market.

Bryan faces crypto scam charges

Several individuals have accused the former child actor of taking $50,000 under false pretenses, promising to invest it in a non-existent cryptocurrency opportunity for a startup called Producers Market.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bryan had convinced four individuals to contribute funds for purchasing digital coins related to the Producers Market. These individuals claim that Bryan, leveraging his status as an advisor to the company, convinced them to invest their money in a crypto opportunity that ultimately did not materialize.

Bryan’s association with Producers Market began when the company, having learned of the former child actor’s success with bitcoin, sought his expertise as an advisor. The company was considering a token sale, which involves offering crypto tokens to private investors to fund a startup or project.

According to the company’s website, Bryan, reportedly a founding investment partner, began promoting the digital tokens even though Producers Market had yet to establish a token sale.

Investors duped

According to reports, a woman shared how Bryan convinced her to give him $5,000 after a date by presenting her with a contract that made it seem legitimate. Other sources also trusted Bryan with their money because of his reputation and association with the company.

Upon discovering Bryan’s activities, Producers Market swiftly issued a cease-and-desist demand to him, as confirmed by a spokesperson for the company.

In a subsequent media interview, Bryan claimed to be equally bewildered by the situation, denying any intention of engaging in fraudulent behavior. He insisted that he return his stock to those who accused him of misappropriating their funds.

Despite the allegations, Bryan has not faced any criminal charges for his involvement with Producers Market. According to reports, the affected individuals chose not to alert authorities or pursue legal action against Bryan. The reasons behind their decisions remain unknown.

Tim Allen, Bryan’s co-star from “Home Improvement,” shared his thoughts, describing Bryan as a “great kid who has grown into a complex man.” Allen expressed his confusion, pondering the factors that might lead people astray. “You just don’t know,” he mused.