5 Reasons Computer Time Clock Software is the Best Choice For Time and Attendance Tracking

The 1990s were an important era for small businesses as more and more companies embraced the new Computer Age birthed by wide spread acceptance of the Internet and moved their business practices to a digital format. This age has often been characterized by the ability to freely transfer information, and to have instant access to information that would have been difficult to find or retrieve before. General ledgers, employee payroll, and banking were quickly moved from labor intensive paper bookkeeping to electronic storage and processing. Time and attendance practices followed the trend as computer time clock software started to replace mechanical punch clocks. Software based time and attendance systems greatly reduced the amount of time needed to prepare employee time cards for payroll processing by automatically totaling employee hours and overtime. Time card software also reduced the reliance on mechanical or electronic punch clocks that were subject to failure and expensive to replace or repair. This shift has allowed business owners to reap the benefits of reduced operating costs because computer time clock software is inexpensive, east to maintain, increases employee accountability, is efficient, and makes payroll processing easy.

Computer Time Clock Software Is Inexpensive to Buy With a small initial investment, you can use time and attendance software to start impartially and accurately recording every employee punch in and out time. If you are looking for an inexpensive punch clock replacement for just a few workers or the power to easily manage time and attendance for hundreds of employees at multiple locations, you should be able to find employee timeclock software perfect for your business. Employee time clock software is about half the cost of the most basic mechanical punch clock. There are no extra supplies to buy like ribbons and time cards. In fact, you likely already have the equipment you need to run time and attendance software, your existing computers.

Computer Time Clock Software Is Easy to Maintain As long as you maintain your computers in good working order, your timeclock software will continue working trouble free. There are no gears, motors, or other parts to wear out and need replacement or servicing. Unlike mechanical punch clocks, your time clock software will not break down unexpectedly, and you will never have to send it in for repair. Enrollment in a comprehensive maintenance and support program will ensure the long term, economical, uninterrupted operation of your software by providing access to new releases and ongoing technical support without concern for frequent upgrade fees or unexpected support costs.

Computer Time Clock Software Increases Employee Accountability Time cards protect business owners by making sure that each employee worked the number of hours they said they did. Time cards also protect employees by providing the exact number of hours they worked, making it much more difficult for employers to cheat them out of their wages. Your workers will know that they are getting paid for the hours they have actually worked, and you will know that you are not overpaying or underpaying your employees. Time and attendance software prevents buddy punching by requiring a password or biometric authentication in order to punch in or out. With employee time clock software, you will be able to track time card modifications with comprehensive audit logs that reveal what was changed, when it was changed, and who changed it. You can also customize security settings to control access to important program functions. Networked time clocks allow management to monitor the arrival and departure times of all workers within their department.

Computer Time Clock Software Is Efficient Use employee timeclock software as a stand-alone time clock to provide company wide access for all workers from a single time clock computer, or network Mac and PC computer time clocks together to create a personal time clock for each worker. Network time clock software eliminates lines of workers from forming around a single punch clock, while providing management with full administrative access and at-a-glance knowledge of the status of each worker. Time and attendance software can help keep your business organized and your staff connected with in/out boards that show who is in and who is out in real time. Since historic payroll records are always instantly available there is no need to store paper time cards, reducing storage costs and space.

Computer Time Clock Software Makes Payroll Processing Easy Employee timeclock software makes it easy to go from punch clock to paycheck in a few simple steps. Time card reports apply your business payroll rules to instantly total regular hours and overtime. Time card entries that have been added manually or modified are flagged for easy follow-up and monitoring. Time card notes from employees explaining a late or missed punch allow you to quickly adjust time card entries and reprint the report before sending off your payroll. Paid vacation, sick leave, and holidays can be automatically included with hours worked for easy reporting to your payroll company or accountant. If you want to automate your payroll processing even more, then export your time card data for easy import into your payroll software. Countless hours spent totaling, interpreting, and applying payroll rules to manual time cards can be virtually eliminated.