Winweb Security is Another Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

It’s completely astounding to what extent people will go to rip you off.  Scams are an old reality in human history.  The difference between most of the scams of the past and corrupt security tools like Winweb Security is that the latter will go a lot further to rip you off.

The snake oil salesmen of the Old West weren’t this callous.  Maybe they weren’t this smart.  Either way, it’s just as disastrous if you buy their product.

Winweb Security is a particular rogue security program that pretends to be a Windows function.  This, unfortunately, isn’t a new concept among rogue software.  It is, however, more sneaky than the average rogue tool this way.

By pretending to be a Windows function, it can get past the argument that nothing outside of your computer is monitoring your activity, waiting to rescue you from infections.  However, how Winweb Security acts is far removed from what a real Windows program would probably do in these cases.

First of all, it’s not in Microsoft’s interest to let people get infected.  They get enough bad press from Linux users for being easy to infect without Microsoft validating it.  If they had a security program on board, you would think that it wouldn’t allow infections.  Winweb Security not only allows infections, but is itself an infection.

Consequently, you wouldn’t see the warnings that Winweb Security gives with a real Windows program.  You wouldn’t get the scan showing that you’re badly infected, either.  The only time you would see a scan happening with a real program is when you initiate it.

Unlike a Windows pre-installed program, you have to “buy the full version” of Winweb Security.  Think of it this way; you didn’t have to buy Windows Media Player or any upgrades, did you?  How much more important is your security than your ability to play media?  Why pay $50 or more for a fake program?

Another important distinguishment between Winweb Security and a Windows product is that Windows products get updated at the Windows Update home page.  If you get directed to a Web page other than the official Windows update page, you know it’s a scam.

Finally, if Windows had a security feature of this nature, it would at least work a little.  Winweb Security, however, doesn’t work at all.  All you get is a file scanner that doesn’t remove any appreciable amount of spyware.  Even worse than that, you’ve just given access to your credit card to corrupt people.  It’s not hard to figure out what can happen next.

Unfortunately, Windows doesn’t have any real antispyware tools.  This is the ultimate flaw in the scam that is Winweb Security.  However, there is still hope yet.

On the Internet, there are many legitimate antispyware tools.  However, you should shop wisely.  Some antispyware tools are better than others, and the price is no guideline to finding the best.  You should look for something like a 100% removal guarantee.