When Your Firewall Isn’t Enough


If you ever needed ammunition for your management about getting better network-based defenses for your enterprise, a new study by F5 Networksshould help you. Earlier this fall, the company asked 1000 IT managers from around the world about their existing security measures and the cost of various exploits that they have observed over the past year. Strikingly, 100% of them have observed DNS attacks and nearly as many have observed denial of service attacks, both of which are worrisome.

Don’t know about DNS attacks? Here is an amusing video from F5 that explains the situation (and also pushes their own DNS server solutions, too.)
Here is an infographic from the survey results that shows some other trends (click to enlarge):
Of course, F5 would like you to believe that a traditional firewall isn’t enough, and one of their application delivery controllers (what we used to call load balancers back in the simple Web 1.0 days) can help boost your security. Perhaps, although there is a lot of other gear that can be purchased for this kind of protection that also go under the name of Web application firewalls too.