Web Designers and SEO Companies

The continuing growth of internet usage has brought with it a problem for businesses who are trying to be noticed on the web. There is no medium as powerful for marketing a website then the search engines. Unfortunately there are so many websites on the internet yours can get lost in a cyber ocean teaming with businesses that are similar. In order for your website to be on the first page or first few pages that come up on the search engines, you need to have plenty of things in order. The process of adjusting your website to be search engine friendly is called Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.

Plenty of new companies are popping up that offer SEO services, and most of the web design companies are offering it now too. However, businesses beware! A large percentage of these sites that offer the service haven’t used it themselves. It makes you wonder how they can perform it as a service to someone else.
So many new companies boast about their SEO services but their websites give you little to no information about the services, it’s like a secret. Just what are their services? I have to give them all my information before I can (get a quote) about how much their services will cost my business. Are they going to decide by looking at my information how much I can afford? Come to find out the same company that “GUARANTEES” a first page listing isn’t listed on the first page.

It’s hard for someone who knows nothing about SEO to check on a company to make sure they know what they are doing. One easy way is to check references and first of all check the company’s website. Does their website come up on the first few pages of the search engine when you type in their key words? If it is a web design business, type in web design and the city they are from, if it doesn’t show on the first few pages you would be better off finding a new SEO company. You don’t have to understand just be able to verify. Plenty of web design companies that offer SEO services, even some of the SEO companies themselves, have a low search engine presence, so how could they get you a high one? Many SEO companies promise to do the service they do a little and charge a lot, some of the companies are charging as much as $150 per hour, after a huge down payment of 3 to $4,000.00 and they actually do hardly anything, yet they cannot be held accountable by you, you don’t understand their work.

Using your target market information SEO services can not only get your site to show up in the search engines but a good service will be sure to get your business listed in Google maps and other directories that will list for free or for a small fee. That’s why you need a service that is up front about the things they will do, listing them how ever technical they are. You can find these services listed at Digital Extreme Media Group

Optimizing does not guarantee a top spot in the Search Engines. So you need to be weary of a company that promises this. However you should be able to see a difference in the traffic to your site, and your SEO service should be able to give you reports showing the traffic to your site. This can be used for marketing purposes also. If your SEO service is not informing you about these things you could find yourself wasting a large chunk of money and not getting the results you would like.