Web Design Blunders Often Seen

It is not always feasible to achieve a superb web presence, as everyone has varying viewpoints and visions as to how they wish their website to be set out. Furthermore, there are several difficulties that website designers tend to repeat over and over again.
It is not just amateur web designers who create websites containing errors, but even some leading professional agencies can make blunders, primarily because they tend to ignore the need to maintain a website visitor’s interest.
Often, websites have fancy fonts that at the outset can appear to make a website look interesting and sophisticated. However, not all fonts are readable on all computers. Therefore, if you wish to have internationally published content, you need to ensure that the text has been produced using readable fonts.
Some websites are created using tables for HTML insertion, but increasingly CSS is a better choice for your web pages. CSS is far more dependable and has more functionality, so your website will load faster. Therefore, try to ensure that your website is built utilising CSS.
All websites should be put together in such a way so as to give all the right messages to the search engine robots crawling the web. Ensure you have used proper headings and sub headings, as this will not only help the search engine robots looking at your website, but your website guests too.
It is not a good idea to force your website visitors to have to register in order to use your site. Make it accessible to all if at all possible.
Many like to have flash incorporated within their web design, but some tend to have too much flash, which is not a good idea as it increases the load time of the web pages within the site and this will only annoy visitors to your site. Flash should only be used when static pages simply will not express the message you desire on their own.
You should not make people viewing your website have to hunt for links to where they want to go. You should instead have a clearly visible navigation bar, ideally to the left of the page where people will start to study the content. The links to other pages need to be operating correctly because no matter how attractive your website may be, damaged navigation links will irritate those looking at your pages.
Those owing websites often have a strategy for trying to generate cash from advertisements, which often results in their site looking untidy. Your site visitors deserve some respect and really will not want to have advertisements popping up all over your pages when they want to read the content, so they will just leave your website.
If you include hyperlinks to other websites within your own website, in order to make them stand out, it is often desirable to mark them with an image, or perhaps a distinctive colour.
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