Spam – Email's Enemy

Opening up your email inbox shouldn’t be a burden, and spam is the epitome of this. You’re probably not the only one who has received countless pharmaceutical ads and links advertising “click here to get rich.” The Web is a spammers’ paradise with endless opportunities to send out annoying ads that make you want to disconnect your computer.

However, there are several spam filters available that can help prevent those emails inviting you to see Sally’s webcam. Spam is in a league of its own and it is recommended concerned PC users purchase separate spam blockers. There are many inexpensive options which give you the benefit of coming home to a clear email box with no ads in sight.

Spam is your email’s number one enemy, but there are ways to prevent spammers from accessing your inbox.

Try these useful tips to send spam somewhere else:

o If you know an email is junk, don’t open it.

o Be careful about opening email attachments from people you don’t know.

o Don’t participate in chain emails: not only are they annoying, they can promote a spammer’s original message.

o If you receive a spam email, forward it to your IP (Internet Provider). They can probably investigate into it.

o Don’t reply with any personal information in emails: This is the oldest trick in the book to steal your information.

o Update your spam blocker frequently, so it picks up new keywords and scams currently circulating.

Approximately 90 billion spammed emails are sent per day, which makes the event of you receiving one very likely. There is also a study surfacing that reported nearly 80% of incoming mail was marked as abusive. These statistics indicate the necessity of looking to sites like 6StarReviews.com, who compare spam filters.

A spam filter is capable of blocking common spam keywords, accepting or rejecting email users, and blocking common spam addresses. Instead of letting your inbox get clogged with unwanted emails, fight back your inbox’s worst enemy.