Sourcing Business Telephone Systems

The size of your business doesn’t matter, when it comes to sourcing an economical cost-saving efficient business phone systems you want to make your investment an effective one in every sense. Our tips here can help you find your way through the jargon to create a blueprint for finding an effective, value for money long term business telephone system.
Finding Partners
The office phone system market can seem complicated. To save time and money your supplier should be able to demonstrate both solid technical expertise and a robust business support service. They should ideally have good experience in telephony solutions for companies your size.
Jargon Wastes Time
Today’s jargon (VOIP for business, 3G, Blackberry BES and more) will change and it can waste time to keep up with everything. Choose a telephony solutions company who use straightforward English instead. Get them to handle the technical details and focus on finding the system that matches what you are trying to do.
Which Functions Matter?
Your provider should assist you to identity your requirements. Consider video conferencing and other internet-based applications, telephones which simply plug into computers and double up as USB memory devices and the needs of staff travelling abroad. Data storage and security could mean you need to record calls.
Making Your Investment Count
While a ‘one-size-fits-all’ universal solution might seem low cost, you may well find a bespoke solution saves more money. Custom solutions identify exactly which technology is a fit and thereby cuts costs and increases productivity. Have a chat with a supplier offering bespoke solutions – they may offer better packages.
Changes Over Time
Companies always change and sometimes expand, and your business phone systems need to follow change with the minimum of fuss. Your original investment will not provide value if you have to subsequently replaced outmoded systems.
State Of The Art Technologies
As well as giving you a progressive profile, using the latest technology delivers cost savings. One example is VOIP for business – applications which route your calls via the web, saving you money. A newer office phone system or mobile device should have VOIP for business as standard. Some of those mobile devices act as PDAs providing email, contacts, scheduling, instant messaging, video calling and more vital applications.
The Supplier’s Service
Following technical expertise and customer service, there are more aspects to consider when choosing your business telephone system supplier. Is their choice of major mobile networks, hosted IP services and land-based networks sufficient? Their product range comprehensive and up to date? Will they offer any gratis consultation to assist you before committing?
Day to Day Support
High quality support is simply a mandatory requirement – you should not have to waste hours in a telephone queuing system for Tech Support. Support should be user friendly, technically superior and friendly.
Reliability Counts
No company should suffer the disruption of a ‘comms outage’. A ‘comms outage’ is yet more jargon for when the telephone system has basically failed. Your supplier needs to be as solid as the systems they sell too. You should expect consistently expert recommendation, products and support services.
Portability Solutions
Perhaps you simply need wireless phones onsite. You might need systems which are compatible with different landline and / or mobile networks. And finally, consider what happens if you change premises. Your system must move smoothly with you without needing any major changes.