Software Development Kit: At a casual glance

A software development kit encompasses a set of development tools that allows and assists a software development engineer create applications for a software package or allied systems. Its characteristics make it a strategic marketing tool that can be brought in use to enhance the navigational features of a webpage or website besides adding to its face value. A software development kit can be downloaded via the internet and it is often provided for free to encourage software developers to use the allied system or language.

Role of a software development kit in software development services in India

A software development kit is vital for software application development as it has the capability to convert certain files to a particular programming language. It also aids communication between a sophisticated hardware and embedded systems. SDKs are a configured collection of header files, libraries, samples, documentations, tools, etc. which utilize APIs to develop applications for varied software development companies. Its common tools include debugging aids and other utilities presented in an integrated development environment.

These tools help in the software application development, for eg. Speech software development kit, Microsoft Windows SDK, etc. Armored with software development kit applications and tools, each offshore software development company has benefited exponentially in terms of executing services – providing clients with low-cost, high-quality, and exceptionally flexible solutions.

Today, software application development has become a source of income and revenue for many outsource software development and offshore software development companies. By deploying web applications in integration and customization of both top-line ECM solutions like MS Share Point, EMC Documentum, IBM FileNet, etc. These companies have not only carved a distinct niche in the software development industry but have also opened doors for new lucrative business opportunities online.

A SDK also possesses an attached license, which can make them unsuitable for developing software under an incompatible license. For instance, a GPL licensed SDK is incompatible with proprietary software development, while a LGPL licensed SDK is safe and sound for proprietary development.