Small Businesses Marketing

Small businesses have small amounts of money for advertising and promoting budgets. While big businesses can afford themselves wide area networks of Radio, Television and Newspapers, national scope,  small business have to limit themselves to local networks.

The struggle and competition among big and small businesses with their proportional opponents on the customers attention is strategically the same but the numbers and thus the tactics are different. Big businesses are talking about thousands of customers, losing or attracting them, is matters. For small businesses the struggle is over each customer, individually.


All businesses have websites. In many cases you can’t tell the men from the boys when it comes to be represented by a website. Small businesses can afford themselves complicated and well designed sites because every 15 years old youngster can develop a website nowadays some times for free, just for the fun of it. So money is not the issue here.

Although big businesses are thinking in big numbers (of customers) still – Customers services are important to them the same as for small businesses. Everybody knows that a happy customer brings 10 more and a frustrated customer drives out 100. This is why big and small businesses put a lot of attention to Customer services. It is only the outcomes of this efforts which is different. While for the big businesses a few angry customers are counted in fractions of percentages –  for the small businesses its 100% winning or losing each single client.  


There is one field of advertising and promoting where small businesses are big! The paper made printed materials: promoting Business Cards, Magnets, Stickers, Flyers and Postcards are circulated around by small business owners. You don’t expect “Sheraton” hotels chain or “TWA” to distribute Magnets from door to door or to stash Flyers in private mail boxes. But it is a natural advertising and promoting habit of plumbers, pizza parlor managers, and taxi drivers. The cost / effective ratio of such means are fit and suit small businesses perfectly, meeting their budget limitations and pay off.