Site Optimization for Every Website

Meta tag is an important on site optimization for every website. The most commonly used Meta tag is the Meta title, description and keywords. Of the three Meta tags, the Meta keyword is the least important. You don’t have to include the Meta keywords.
Meta description and keyword are useful in help your site rank in the SERP. Many people disregard the importance of Meta tag in their site because they though the search engine never care about them. Though Meta tags are given lesser weight by the search engines, they still play a role in helping a site to rank higher in the search engine. If the content does not have the relevant keyword, the search engine will attempt to scan the Meta description. It will rank your site on the search engine if it discovers the relevant keyword in the Meta description.
Both the Meta title and Meta description should be optimized with keywords. You can repeat the keyword 2 – 3 times throughout the Meta description. The keyword you use must be relevant to the title of the content. It must be meaningful so that the Meta description is readable. The Meta title should be kept as short as possible. The Meta title should not be stuffed with keywords. If the Meta title is stuffed with keywords, your site will be marked as a spam. The search engine knows that new sites that are not established want to rank for these targeted keywords. If you want to rank for the high competitive keywords, your site must exist for a long time. After your site had existed for a long time, the search engine will assign authority to you.
It is recommended that you use a unique title and description for every page. If you have a lot of pages and don’t have time to write unique Meta tag for each of them, you can replace the keywords in the Meta tag. For instance, you can use a Meta description such as “Offers information and tips about hotel booking in USA”. In another page about hotel booking for Australia, you can use the same Meta tag but replace the keyword, for example, “offers information and tips about hotel booking in Australia” The title tag should not be too long otherwise people will regard you as a spammer.
The Meta keywords should not contain more than 255 characters. Novice webmasters will attempt to spam the Meta keywords with huge list of keywords which they hope their site will rank for. If your site is already popular, spamming the Meta keywords with a lot of keywords won’t hurt your ranking. If your site is new, using a lot of keywords in the Meta keywords will cause you to rank lower. Each keyword in the Meta keyword field must be separated by a comma. The purpose of the Meta keyword tag is to help the search engine find the focus topic of the page.