Route 72 Systems Turns Young Interns Into Mad Men

Little Falls, NJ (PRWEB) July 05, 2012

Route 72 Systems (http://route72.com) has given their young interns a unique opportunity to learn and master the ins and outs of online marketing campaigns. Since its beginning, Route 72 has seen that the web has changed the dynamics of business and how there are new ways that marketing can be executed with younger minds. Although it might seem unorthodox to the untrained eye, Route 72 has found great success in not only teaching, but also utilizing their young interns on a day-to-day basis. In the past such responsibilities and business decisions would most likely be passed on to the older veterans in the game, but times have changed.

Newer, younger faces are beginning to fill in office space all over the country. Route 72 Internet Marketing has noticed that although younger and less experienced, their handpicked interns are actually better fit for the job than one would expect. Jim Alamia, CEO and Founder of Route 72 Systems states: These young interns are energetic, hungry for work, and believe in the Internet. It is something they have experienced and used all of their lives. They are extremely well-versed with computers and are able to learn how to utilize our systems because of this. Because of these attributes, these interns are able to carry out duties and responsibilities just like a regular employee during any of Route 72s marketing campaigns.

Many from the old school might find it a tragedy that the marketing world has changed since the days of the infamous Mad Men. New opportunities created by the digital platforms have arisen for the young/novice crowd to really make their mark. At one time, the possibility of a person under 40 running their own company was unheard of. Now, many companies such as Facebook, Youtube, and Myspace have sprouted and thrived due solely to the efforts of young students and recent graduates. Route 72 has welcomed this change in the arena of marketing with open arms, and plans to continue to support young hopefuls in their move into the workplace.