Replace Laptop Power Jack

Many times laptop owners may encounter a problem with the power-jack where it appears the plug is pushed in. Generally you will notice something is not right when you cannot turn on your notebook. This can be a costly repair if you take it to your local computer shop, geek store or send it back to the manufacturer. If you are willing to try to do the replacement yourself, it can cost you as little as $50 to do.
If you have access to another battery you may first want to be sure the issue is with the power jack itself. You can also take it to most larger named department stores that have tech support and ask them to test it for you.
Once you have determined it is indeed the this component, please follow the following steps, and realize this task is geared mostly for the advanced user. We suggest if you have the laptop’s user manual you take it out in case there are any questions or areas you are unsure of when undertaking this task. Make sure you have the replacement power jack, screwdrivers and containers to hold parts and screws and bolts.
1) Remove the battery.
2) You will then want to remove all screws from the back of the laptop and take the cover off.
3) You will then have to remove numerous parts in order to get to the actual area where the power jack is located. Be sure you put all parts and screws and bolts in a safe place and mark them if you need too. You need to remove the ram and DVD drive.
4) Once these components have been removed you should now remove something called the power plate.
5) From here you will need to remove the hard drive as well as the keyboard.
6) The next areas are where you will need to be very careful as you will now be removing the cables and the motherboard.
7) Once everything is out, you should now have exposed the power jack.
With any luck you have a bit of experience using a soldering iron. You will need to now need to use a solder wick to remove the connections to the three jacks. Once this has been completed you should be able to disengage and remove the broken power jack. Be sure to clean all excess solder and other remnants.
Now you will replace laptop power jack and solder the three contacts. Replace all removed parts and components ensuring each is placed back correctly. Once all complete you should try it out to see if all is working.