Razer Artech iPhone cases cool your phone for better performance and battery life

Using Razer Thermaphene, the Razer Arctech Slim and Pro cases effectively dissipate heat which allows for better phone performance and improved battery life.

Razer Arctech iPhone cases

Here’s a bit of news that you likely didn’t expect to hear. Razer has announced new iPhone cases for the iPhone 11 and iPhone Xr/Xs smartphones. Utilizing a custom Razer heat-dissipating layer called Thermaphene, the Razer Arctech Slim, Pro, and Pro THS Edition effectively dissipate heat which allows for better phone performance and improved battery life.

“Smartphone users want to protect their handset but still enjoy maximum performance and battery life. The new Razer Arctech cases deliver great protection, stylish looks and fantastic cooling to keep those gaming sessions going longer.”

Alvin Cheung, Senior Vice President for Razer’s peripherals business unit

The Arctech iPhone cases are made of three layers:

  • The Thermaphene layer to absorb and then transfer heat away from the phone body whilst preventing dirt and dust from entering the case,
  • A soft microfiber layer to cushion the handset and protect it from scratches
  • A perforated exterior polycarbonate/thermoplastic elastomer case to protect the handset from drops and shocks.
The layers of Razer's Arctech iPhone cases
The layers of Razer’s Arctech iPhone cases.

The new Razer Arctech cases underwent independent testing against similar cases and through a 2-hour test cycle, maintained a 6°C (10.8°F) lower temperature than the competition.

While the Arctech Slim offers enhanced cooling performance, the Arctech Pro and Pro THS Edition feature a scratch-resistant back plate with four shock-absorbent sidewalls. The added protection is certified for drops of up to 10ft/3m.

Features of the Razer Arctech Slim include:

Razer Arctech Slim family
Razer Arctech Slim family.
  • Thermaphene performance layer for improved heat dissipation
  • Vented channels for increased airflow
  • Wireless charging-compatible for greater convenience
  • Network performance-friendly for unhindered connection
  • Intuitive button and port access for easy use
  • Thin, ergonomic design for practical comfort

The Razer Arctech Pro and Pro THS offer the same features minus the thin, ergonomic design in favour of 10ft/3M drop-certification for heavy-duty protection.

In addition to being available for the iPhone Xs, Xs Max, Xr, iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max, the Arctech cases are also available for the Razer Phone 2. The cases are available from Razer.com and Amazon with a starting MSRP of US$29.99/€34.99.

Razer Arctech Pro family
Razer Arctech Pro family.