Pennsylvania State Fair at the Racetrack

The Philadelphia Park Racetrack in Bensalem hosts the Pennsylvania State Fair every year from the end of May to the beginning of June. This state fair is relatively new and as of 2006 was only in its 21st year. Visitors to the fair each year can find lots of good deals and discounts designed to help ease the strain on your budget. There are ride discount coupons and a special free admission for one chaperone per 15 children grades K through 8. Plus the fair organizers try to include cheap one dollar menus on each concession stand.

Grandpa Cratchet the puppet is available on the grounds to meet and entertain the kids and family members of all ages. Also fun to enjoy is the Animal Specialties Petting Zoo. Kids can come pet and feed many domesticated farm animals from goats to chickens. Another animal show that has come to the state fair on occasion if ‘Bwana Jim’ and his educational animals. Its wild and crazy and you just might learn something about the animals.

The rides at the fair are provided by the Reithoffer Shows Midway. It is the largest midway in the country and has lots of one-of-a-kind rides. The Midway has been around in some form or other since 1896 and they are always looking to add new rides. Some recent additions are the Starship, the Freak Out and the Avalanche. A fun kiddies ride is the titanic. A somewhat ironic theme, but the ride is really a giant blow up slide of the sinking ship that the kids slide down.

Roaming the fair on occasion is also Buffo, the Strongman Clown whose many talents include juggling bowling balls, balancing extension ladders on his face and being able to rip phone books in half. Whoa. Also visitors can enjoy a stunt bike show, the woodchuck chainsaw sculpture show, and a Dairy Farm Milking exhibit.