Password Security Software Review – Roboform

We are all worried about online security. The solution may be to invest in some password security software. RoboForm Overview

Roboform is one of the most popular piece of password security software currently used. It has been designed to be easily integrated with all of the main web browsers. Once installed it fits neatly into your browser tool bar and keeps a record of all the websites which you have accounts with. In simple terms it acts like a bookmarking tool allowing you to go to a site by clicking on its name in a drop down list. The difference is, it doesn’t merely take you to the site but remembers both your log in name and your password and then proceeds to fill them in and automatically log you in. You can literally sit back and watch it logging you in. One of the main advantages therefore is the time it can save you, particularly if you are logging into many sites throughout the course of the day.

RoboForm Features

As well as remembering your details and holding them in a secure encrypted format, the program can also store additional personal details.

If you so wish, you can enter your home address, credit card details, e mail addresses all the details you use in on line form filling and on line account opening and on line purchase check outs.

Another feature is that when opening an account, it will create a powerful alpha-numeric password for you automatically and then stores that in its memory. With Roboform you only need to recall one master password which opens the program, from then on, the programme will recall any passwords as and when needed. Other features include the ability to transfer all your passwords to a portable USB drive in a secure format.