OtterBox and Corning introduce their new Amplify screen protector

There’s nothing worse than breaking your smartphone screen after paying upwards of US$1,000 for it. This is why using a screen protector has become almost essential for most smartphone users. A good screen protector will prevent damage to your display saving you a nice chunk of repair change. Now, OtterBox and Corning are teaming up on a new screen protector they call, Amplify.

The new OtterBox Amplify Glare Guard and OtterBox Amplify Edge2Edge protect your screen from drops and bumps. Basically, everyday wear and tear most users subject their smartphones to on a daily basis. This is the core function of this type of products life and OtterBox and Corning think their solution will give you the best results.

screen protector Corning OtterBox
That’s a nasty crack you got there buddy.

Corning’s proprietary glass-enhancing technologies continually push the boundaries of what is possible in glass. Amplify provides up to five-times greater scratch resistance than other glass protection options1. It is easy to install and is long-lasting.

Amplify Glare Guard: Utilizes Corning’s proprietary DX technology that allows users to see their phones with clarity in bright sunlight and may also help to preserve battery life as consumers can have a comparable viewing experience on a lower brightness setting.

Amplify Edge2Edge: Covers virtually all edges of a screen and is great for use without a case or with some of your favorites from OtterBox.

OtterBox is making the new Amplify for the latest Samsung phones, Google Phones, and of course the latest iPhones. Pricing is a bit steep, but that’s to be expected given that Corning is involved in this project. The price range for these puppies ranges from US$49.95 to US$64.95. That’s a pretty penny for a screen protector but then you factor in the cost of a new display and it might be worth it to some. You can pick them up on the OtterBox website.