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Verification Most misunderstood about testing is the primary objective. Defects will be found by everybody using the software. Testing is a quality control measure used to verify that a product works as desired. Testing provides a status report of the actual product in comparison to requirements (written and implicit). The tester’s job is to determine whether the software fulfills those conditions.

Priority Coverage Not everything can be tested. This ensures at least a base line utility to the software.

Traceable Exactly what was tested, and how it was tested, are needed as part of an ongoing development process.

Unbiased Tests must balance the written requirements, real-world technical limitations, and user expectations. It is the job of the tester to keep all such requirements in mind while testing the software. A tester must also realize they are not a user of the software, they are part of the development team. Bias in a tester invariably leads to a bias in coverage.

If the needs of the administrators can’t be met the software may not be deployable. Coverage criteria should expose all defects of a decided nature and priority. It reiterates that the testing team should not be a chaotic blackbox. Quality control is a well structured, repeatable, and predictable process.

The Five Goals of Software Testing