.NET CMS For A Better Web Site

One of the most vital choices that Web administrators have to make is what side to take when they decide on what framework to create their content management system website on – a .NET CMS or a PHP content management system. Each has it’s merits and limitations. Choosing a CMS is completely dependant on the company’s budget, technical skills, and your overall corporate needs.

PHP seems to be the most popular and cheaper open source programming language used to create CMS websites which rely on user generated content. PHP is free and so are virtually all of its supporting tools. Since it’s open-source, it has good web support, code snippets and plenty of needed assistance at assorted online open source forums and web sites. It also has ZEND which compiles the code and makes it a lot faster, thus making it almost equal to other assembled web programming options. It is fairly easy to get a PHP programmer but if you have budget constraints, there are many PHP tutorials and help sites you can find online.

.NET is actually a system that supports varied programming languages such as C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, etc. Unlike the PHP system, .NET has a cost associated with it, but that price does include fantastic support from Microsoft. It gets you wonderful help documentation, and plenty of professional on and offline support ( though this also carries a price) to sort out any issues. Also, since it is a complete framework in itself, it is employed for lots more high end programs and applications above and beyond the ‘simple’ site. This is why a .NET content management system should be your choice if you are looking into a CMS and are serious about having some major functionality included in your website.

It’s necessary to note that a commercial .NET CMS is developed for business users with business use in mind. They have a tendency to be more stable, in my experience, and are really worth the cost. A company CMS has to be ready to handle a huge mix of users and funtionality.

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In summing up, if you don’t have any money to spend and your duty is to build a simple website or some other simple web based application, then a low cost PHP solution may be a wiser choice. However, if you have a budget and your needs are bigger than a small content management system, a .NET CMS is the better choice. It’ll come with better support and much more stability.