Music Recording Software – A Review On ‘logic Pro/studio’ & Where To Buy It

You’ve probably heard about or do actually know Garageband — a homerecording tool that is a standard application on every Macintosh computer. It’s a nice little software for beginners who only want to do some simple and easy recordings without placing great demands on effects or great mixing and mastering.

But have you ever heard about Logic? Logic is just great and likely to be the best studio and recording software ever! This software replaces a whole studio inclusive of its entire equipment – every single component is virtual!

If you’re working with Garageband or any simple recording software, you’ll very soon come up against limiting factors. Mostly, it’s not even possible to program changes in tempo, moreover effects like reverbs and delays are very limited, not to speak of virtual guitar amps and important mastering plugins.

Whether you’re using ‘Logic Express’ or the even more extended ‘Studio’ version, the possibilities are endless! Both provide you with great amp plugins for guitars and bass guitars that generate absolutely realistic amp sounds, countless effects to modulate and effect your tracks in every imaginable way, and unsurpassable finalizing tools.

Logic (Especially ‘Studio’) Contains Countless…

…song-templates for any kind of music direction,
…pre-settings for every single plug-in already perfectly adjusted to whatever your requirements are,
…channel-strip-settings for every kind of musical instrument, and for how it’s played, no matter if you are a male or female singer, the mic is overhead or not, if you are recording a choir or a solo singer.

Automation – Makes Logic Even Perfect For Live-Performances

Every single control of any plugin and much more can be automated easily! Either can you record the automation by playing your recorded track and regulating the particular controls, or you just program them graphically.

Customize Your Reverbs, Delays And Rooms

Yes, you even can easily build your own rooms and determine its qualities. Through the ‘Space Designer’ (‘Logic Studio’ only) you decide what size it shall have, if you want to have some furnishings in it, what its shape shall be like, what the finish of its walls shall be like. Moreover, there are tons of famous already pre-set halls, rooms, and places like the Madison Square Garden, several cathedrals (St. Michaelis, West Minster Abbey…), caves and forests.

Pitch & Time Machine (‘Logic Studio’ only)

Your recordings or audio-tracks for whatever reason don’t fit with the tempo of your song? No problem! Stretch your tracks in order to lengthen or shorten them and make them fit.

An audio-track or one of your recordings is out of tune or even played in another key? Just pitch it until it fits!

Mastering Tools & Pre-Settings

You want your songs to sound like the big stars? Logic’s sophisticated but easy to use mastering/finalizing plugins and pre-settings make it possible!


You have shot a video and want to professionally build an audio-track for it or adjust your song to its frames with appropriate sound effects as well as the right room acoustics? No problem either! Just load your video in Logic and edit its audio, build a completely new one, or even mix both of them while you’re orientating yourself towards the movie frames.

Loads Of Samples And Virtual Instruments

You are looking for a professional studio and recording software, but you also want to use special effects like nature sounds or so, moreover you don’t play all instruments you’d like to make use of and don’t want to spend a whole bunch of money on sample libraries for all the just mentioned stuff? An absolute no-brainer! Logic contains masses of instrument samples, such as choirs, organs, orchestra instruments, bass guitars, electric, acoustic guitars, and drums, but it also includes environmental samples like rain, thunder, laughter, applause, weapons, explosions and so much more…

Furthermore, Logic includes quite some digital and analog synthesizers, organs, and pianos.

Build Your Own Instruments And Synthesizers

Sculpture (only with ‘Logic Studio’) makes it possible! Mix certain elements and materials with each other and set up lots of incredibly specific aspects.

Logic Reads Out The Notes

If you’re too lazy to look up the notes or to hear the notes in a clean track, you simply can let Logic analyze the frequencies and translate them into notes.

Almost Endless Amounts Of Tracks

In Logic you can create up to 255 audio tracks plus 255 software instrument tracks. So, all in all you are provided with 510 tracks in total and have no limitations with regard to how many instruments and synthesizers you want to make use of, and if you want to subdivide every single instrument, too!

Notations Made Easier Than Ever Before

Another incredibly cool thing about Logic is the fact that you, if you want to notate a software instrument, you no longer need to be knowledgeable of notes! Just open the absolutely easy to use so-called “Matrix Editor” and determine your notes’ qualities purely graphically! On your left-hand side there will be a lettered piano keyboard for your orientation next to a huge but fine raster into which you simply put the notes with a pencil and move them until they sound and are positioned as you want them to be. In order to lengthen or shorten them you only have to grab one end of this sort of ‘note-beam’ (it looks like a beam) and pull or push it. No more complicated accidentals for keys or rests and so on!

No End In Sight – Additional Fancy Programs & An Automatic ‘Quicktime Pro’ Upgrade

You thought ‘Logic Studio’ only includes Logic with a lot more features? Close, but no cigar! ‘Logic Studio’ not only includes itself, but 4 fancy, great and useful programs more – ‘Logic Node’, ‘MainStage’, ‘Soundtrack Pro’, and ‘WaveBurner’ – plus an automatic upgrade to the latest ‘Quicktime Pro’ version that turns your standard Quicktime into ‘Quicktime Pro’.

‘Logic Node’ is a nice little application that allows you to reduce the workload of Logic by sharing this with a second computer in your network! Note that this only works trough cabling, not through airport.

‘MainStage’ is an advanced program to professionally and without much workload record every single track of a live performance.

‘Soundtrack Pro’ is a sophisticated but easy to use application for creating soundtracks for any kind of film or video you are working on, and it’s the perfect ‘connecting link’ to ‘Final Cut Pro’. It includes tons of professional tools for ‘polishing up’ dialogues, restoring audio tracks, creating mind-blowing sound effects and mixing in surround sound.

‘WaveBurner’ is absolutely great! It is basically a program for creating, mixing, controlling, and burning your CDs and it amazingly easy to use! No more extra Software for burning CDs needed!

(c) Linus Schachten 2010 (Hamburg, Germany). All Rights Reserved Worldwide.