JPMorgan Chase launches digital ad platform to connect brands with its 80 million customers

In a strategic move aimed at leveraging its massive customer base, JPMorgan Chase launched a new targeted digital ad platform called Chase Media on Wednesday. This digital media business platform will enable advertisers to target the bank’s 80 million customers with ads based on their spending habits.

Dubbed “Chase Media Solutions,” the newly launched platform is poised to revolutionize the advertising landscape by amalgamating the extensive reach of a retail media network with the invaluable transaction data exclusively owned by Chase. This combination promises to empower brands with unprecedented precision in targeting their desired audience segments, enhancing the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns.

This announcement marks a significant milestone for JPMorgan Chase, coming hot on the heels of its acquisition of the card-linking marketing platform, Figg, two years ago. The integration of Figg’s capabilities has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in the development of Chase Media Solutions, enabling the bank to leverage its transaction data in innovative ways to serve the advertising needs of its partners.

In its initial phase, Chase Media Solutions has curated bespoke 30-day campaigns for a select group of pilot partners, including esteemed brands such as Blue Bottle Coffee, Whataburger, and Air Canada. These partnerships underscore the platform’s commitment to delivering tangible results for advertisers across diverse industries. Reuters reported.

As anticipation mounts, all eyes are set on JPMorgan Chase as it gears up to unveil its first-quarter results on April 12. With its foray into digital media, the banking behemoth is poised to diversify its revenue streams and establish a formidable presence in the ever-evolving landscape of digital advertising.