How to Improve Business Financing and Credit Card Processing

Most businesses which accept credit cards can obtain a business cash advance by using their future credit card processing activity. This strategy is also referred to as credit card financing and credit card receivables factoring. However, there are a number of critical business financing problems to avoid when using this strategy, and a merchant cash advance is not the only source to consider for additional working capital.

Business cash advance and credit card processing management is frequently one of the most overlooked sources of working capital for a business. This article will provide a concise and practical introduction to what a business needs to know about using this business finance strategy and how to obtain a merchant cash advance.

Businesses should not overlook the substantial working capital business loan benefits which will accrue to their business by effectively coordinating merchant cash advance and credit card processing programs. Key results from successfully coordinating these business financing services will include reduced costs and improved cash flow. Perhaps most importantly, a business cash advance based on credit card processing is one of the few viable options for reliably obtaining short-term commercial financing for many service and retail businesses.

Before we begin, there are two key points to keep in mind. First, business cash advance programs can be a source of confusion and problems, and proper anticipation of these potential difficulties is essential for a business owner considering this working capital strategy. Second, some additional descriptions for business cash advance programs are credit card receivables factoring, merchant cash advances and credit card financing.

Although this is a sound and viable strategy, there are pitfalls to anticipate and avoid. Below you will find our suggestions for simultaneously obtaining business cash advances and improving credit card processing.

Realize that the business cash advance strategy is not readily available until a business has been operational for at least one year. A further limitation is that the business must have been using credit cards as a form of payment by customers. It would be wise for new business owners to review this strategy in order to be better prepared for future business finance options needed in the future.

Determine how much additional working capital your business needs. In general a business cash advance is typically possible for amounts varying from $5000 to $300,000 and the amount will depend on the monthly credit card processing volume for a business.

Review your monthly credit card volume as well as cash receipts from your customers during the past six months. It is not unusual for a business to experience cyclical variations in their monthly receipts, and these fluctuations are generally acceptable in calculating the potential for a business cash advance.

Avoid business finance sites which request that a business owner submit an online application for a business cash advance. To illustrate the problems associated with an online business financing application, we have prepared a separate business loan report entitled How and Why to Avoid the Online Business Loan Application Trap.

An experienced business cash advance advisor should be consulted. High-pressure representatives making unrealistic promises about the speed of the credit card financing process should always be avoided. A realistic expectation is that a merchant cash advance can be finalized in a period of two to four weeks. A knowledgeable working capital financing advisor will be able to provide an initial assessment of potential working capital advance options based on information referred to above.

Explore additional resources that will facilitate a better understanding of complex credit card factoring issues. You should look for sources which will provide relevant strategies and solutions for any business owner contemplating a future business cash advance.

Complete an initial business cash advance application once you are satisfied that you have identified a suitable advisor and provider for coordinating the credit card processing and credit card receivables factoring. Please remember our advice to avoid the online versions for this step. Faxing or emailing a completed application directly to the advisor-provider is the preferred method for submitting initial documentation. Please note that there should not be any up-front fees or closing costs to obtain a working capital advance.