How to Fight Spam Emails

Not even one day goes in our life without encountering one or two of the spam emails. It drives everyone crazy when you get that email in your box to see some advertisements. If you can follow the below tips, you will be able to avoid spam to a great extent.

Never give your personal email

If you have a habit of subscribing to offers for magazines or books, do not use your personal or official email. Instead open another email with Yahoo, Gmail or some web email providers you choose and use the same on the net. This makes sure that your personal email is closed from the spam.

Use Junk Email filter

Most of the email programs provide option to filter your email so that the spam email does not land in your mailbox. Use this filters effectively to fight the junk mails.

Do not install unknown software

There are lot of software programs on the net which promises to provide you with free screensavers and utilities. Some of them contain Spyware and Adware and keyloggers which extract info about your usage patterns and send it to the spammers. Make sure to have an updated and quality Antivirus and Antisoftware installed onto your PC. If you do want to install the screensaver, make sure to have it checked against the antivirus and Antisoftware first.

Install spam filter software

If you are using the Microsoft Outlook or Eudora to manage your email there are some in built spam filter mechanism are built in place. However, there is some software called spam filters which can help you strengthen the junk mail filter. This software offers spam protection to a large extent in addition to your email filter. You can get good quality spam filter software by search on Google.