How to Avoid Sending Spam With Your Email List Software

E-mail marketing is a great tool to communicate and advertise to your clients – send announcements about your offers, events, or any promotions, at regular intervals and spread the word about your services. However, when you do so, the efforts you put into creating your newsletter could go to waste if it gets stuck in spam. Take a few precautions to avoid sending spam with your email list software.

To increase their database, companies often rent or purchase larger email lists. This is a very likely way to get caught in spam, because these lists do not necessarily contain valid or working email addresses, and also because it is unlikely that a list of thousands of people has received the consent of all those on the list. If people receive emails who have not given their OK for being on a list, they will report the message as spam and your credibility will be lost without any due consideration.

In general, it is completely unadvisable to send emails to addresses that have not given approval for being on a list. It inconveniences the user to have to choose to get off a list that he or she did not subscribe to in the beginning. It is also a sure-fire way to get blacklisted as SPAM. Send your emails only to those who have agreed to be on the list.

Diversify your messages so that it doesn’t seem like a blast of the same message over and over. Change the content and try to customize each message a bit in the subject line so that it distinguishes it from other SPAM messages. Avoid including excessive punctuation and symbols, such as asterisks or stars. This can cause your message to be flagged as spam, and it also looks suspect to the reader. Use symbols only when needed and only if it enhances the purpose of your text, not for visual decoration.

If you are sending emails that contain large images, they are also likely to be flagged as SPAM, especially when you are using email list software that is sending your message to thousands of people. Keep all these features in mind to avoid getting caught in the trap of SPAM.

While email list software is a wonderful way to get your message out to the masses, it can be tricky to steer clear of getting lost in the masses of SPAM and also to abide by the CAN-SPAM rules to avoid any legal issues.