Getting Legal Support Jobs Online


Most legal firms are very particular about the quality of legal support staff they engage – people like the paralegals who complement the works of the lawyers, receptionists who welcome the clients and secretaries who type the various legal documents as they become necessary. The law firms realize that the quality and success of their practice might ultimately depend on the people they engage in these capacities – than on anything else. And based on this understanding, many legal firm administrators are willing to go to almost any lengths to ensure that they get the right people for these jobs. It is therefore not surprising that the lawyers and other legal firm administrators are always on the lookout for any forum through which they can gain access to the very best staff for their operations – and the latest such forum is the Internet.

            As it turns out, more and more legal firms are posting their legal support jobs online – and the Internet is indeed the place to find a job if you are, for instance, a legal secretary, a paralegal professional or a legal receptionist.

            Most legal firms post their vacancies on the public online job forums – because with the exception of the very top legal firms, most are relatively smaller operations and their websites don’t get that many visitors. In any case, the nature of the legal business is that it can only deal with so many clients at a time- and therefore it might not even be desirable for them to want to attract the masses.

            Take note however, that many online job forums may not have specific sections for jobs in legal support. Instead the jobs could be found in various other sections – like for instance, under the section for receptionist jobs. Even if a particular online job notice has a specific section for such jobs in legal support, there is still a chance that a law firm (in a bid to reach the widest possible audience) could post its vacancy for a receptionist under the section on receptionist jobs – rather than on the section for jobs in legal support. In the case where the law firm is looking for a person proficient in a particular language, they could post in the section for ‘language jobs.’ Thus if for instance an international law firm with clients in France is looking for a legal secretary who is proficient in French, they might post the job in the section for language jobs on the online job notice board– rather than on the sections for jobs in legal support or secretarial jobs you would otherwise expect such a job to be posted. The moral here is that it pays to widen your search. 

            Needless to say, you need to ensure that you are dealing with a credible online job notice board, as a few could be hoaxes. In most other professions, people are advised to look at the websites of the firms they want to work with for vacancies but as noted earlier, the online job forums might be the best places to check for jobs in legal support. It is worth noting, however, that the more prominent law firms do indeed  tend to have a ‘careers’ section on their websites, and this is also one of the places you can check for the jobs in legal support. But then again, competition for jobs in legal support in these prominent legal firms tends to be rather stiff and their standards and expectations can be what many people consider a bit too high for them – though on the other side, their salaries and benefits tend to be commensurate.