Free Download Software

Genuine free softwares are categorized into two category, one being the trail software and another being the freeware. Mind you that free softwares are not in any of its form are either not legal or pirated copies. The main purpose of trialware is to get you to buy the complete paid version once you’ve had the chance to use and assess the software product.

As , for the freeware, it is a software that is both free and is a full version without any limitation to access any features which is available within the software. Freewares are easily available to download from the internet and are completely legal to use on your system. It is either created by a programmer as his/her keen interest in languages who does not wish to earn any profit out of it. The main goal for him is to make it available for all to use which benefits the individual to be popular amond the community.

But, sometimes a non profit organisation creates with a team of programmers a software which can be used by all. Softwares such as Mozilla firefox, which is one of the best internet browser across the world to access web service. Another such software is the openoffice which is an ideal replacement of MS Office , it provides all the major features of office but is available to you as an free licensed copy for the use in offices mainly.

It is very usual for the Free download software to hide a hidden string within the code of the program, which when after installing a freeware, enables that strings and certain advertisements pops up. These strings sometimes release spywares or adwares onto your system redirects the browser from your default homepage and sometimes it is usual for a freeware to open up an ad which asks you to enable certain other toolbars or to install additional items. Usually, with browsers like Mozilla firefox this is possible.

Beside such freewares, they are many antiviruses which available over the internet as a freeware of even a trailware. For antiviruses a trail period of 15 to 30 days is usual, after that the software is required to be bought after paying some amount to the respective company. Till then a trailware software provides you all the basic features but the advanced features are mainly disabled.

Avast and Avira are the two really outstanding antivirus. They both provide excellent security and are reviewed as the best software for virus protection. Providing this there are many Network Firewall protection softwares which provides strong enchanced firewall protection against the well known Trojans and Malwares. Malwarebytes is an ultimate solution for the protection against malwares. But the firewall avoids such menace to breach through the protective walls of such advanced firewalls. Zonealarm is among the most popular software solution for protecting against such viruses, trojan, malwares, spywares etc.

Also, there are many free media players available over the internet which provides impressive performance. VLC player is one media player which provides options to play any audio or video file without an issue. Infact it play media files which are rejected on Windows Media Player because of lack of related codecs present. VLC player can even repair the failed downloads file and play it. This media player is majorly popular to play any media content over it and that it why it the best free media player available on the internet. Among other popular media players , is the Jet Audio media player. It is also used for CD burning, ripping media files, recording, converting music files to different formats. It is also possible for Jet audio to download youtube videos.

With the use of such Technology where the use of high speed internet is made possible and the downloadable content is available to all the users, from a remote locations where all such softwares are stored on a server. By just entering a web link known as URL in the webpage grants access to the webpage which provides an URL to the software from where it is to be downloaded from.