Drawing room

So called living room in interiors is also called drawing room or hall. Today the interior decor has changed dramatically over the time. Today’s lifestyle has become more informal in turn making this room decoration more difficult and complicated, comfort levels required for relaxing have also become more and more demanding due to multi use of this space.

First and foremost, today interior of living rooms should be a comfortable place for conversation and interaction with family members and guest alike, also this room is a place of entertaining such as listening to music, watching television and reading. Because of all these activities are done while sitting, so selecting chairs and sofas and deciding their placement is critical. Formal interior décor with period furniture can also include comfortable upholstered pieces that could serve the purpose of long time sitting in an informal way.

In a living room maximum numbers of upholstered pieces of furniture are used compared to interior of any other room.

So for this reason the fabric/leather plays a prominent role, irrespective of style and type of décor soft furnishing provides maximum opportunity to the designer to make a statement. Use of good quality of fabric in the furniture will save the reupholstering cost as well as help to extend the life of the chair/sofa.

A good backdrop in the interior décor also is a very important element of any décor and this role is played by curtains so some advice on curtains. Money is better spent on fine material and careful constructed/knitted fabric rather than elaborated designs.

Curtains should be pretty and also simple if the interior décor is not over done, if the interior décor of the living room is simple, over elaborated designed curtain will divert the attention of the user. Style of the curtain should be guided by the architecture size of the window, if the window is tall, roman style of curtains would enhance the looks. Broad windows can have two rows of curtains, one shear and other normal.

While deciding the layout of the living room one has to decide on the focal point of the room which could be a audio/video unit or the sitting layout. If one ignores this then it could lead to errors in deciding on the type of furniture and uncomfortable arrangement.

Unlike other rooms i.e. bedroom or dinning room, living room will never have large piece of furniture in the center of the room. Usually the center of the living room is open so as to allow free movement, and as the center is open the flooring in the room becomes very important so visually balanced and designed flooring can contribute to the beauty of the décor.

The sole of the house, the living room is the place for entertaining guests and relaxing with the family, whether the décor is casual or formal Victorian or modern follow your own instincts and taste while decorating the room and it will please others too.


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