Do You Understand 3G Technology?

Do you get confused when you hear things like “2G Technology”, “3G Technology” “Smart Phones” and so on? Well, this article is written to explain in simple language just what 3G Technology really means. It stands for “Third Generation Technology.”

Technology at its simplest just means the total knowledge and skills in any human society or group. Primitive technologies were concerned with skills of hunting, making stone tools and weaponry. Then came the Iron Age, the mechanical technologies of past centuries, bringing us to the electronic technologies of the current period in which we now live.

During the past half century the whole world has seen the rise of electronic communications from Morse Code, telegraph, the telephone, that have literally changed our whole way of communicating.

2G Technology is short for Second Generation Technology, primarily concerned with mobile or cellphone systems. Most simple phones, especially those used by young children and the elderly with no frills use 2G Technology.

3G Technology, on the other hand, is a further development including much more than just phone calls. Third Generation Technology phones are much more concerned with downloading information such as music, videos, and taking digital photographs and movie presentations and forwarding them onto others. Receiving and sending faxes and receiving and sending emails are also part of the new 3G Technology. Some cell phones are almost like miniature laptop computers, enabling you to latch onto the World Wide Web. Such phones are known as “Smart Phones” and are among the most used cell phones by professional, business and sophisticated Internet users.

You can see why cellphones using 3G Technology are so useful. They enable you to keep records, email messages, receive instructions, consult your diary, check inventories, watch movies or television programmes almost (but not quite) anywhere in the world. They are quite fast and are helped considerably by satellite tracking radio systems. There are many thousands of these satellites currently circulating the Globe. On top of this, some 3g phones have systems such as GPS, Gyroscopes and Accelerometers.

With 3G Technology, your cellphone or mobile phone” will help you keep in contact with friends, send them photos and messages. While those of you needing to keep in touch with business colleagues will find the developing strengths of 3G Technology vital in your work.

Whether you want a cellphone for pleasure, business or keeping in touch with friends, you will find the new 3G Technology here to assist you in ways unimaginable until now.

Geoffrey Bennett