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The Peak Performance Mind-Set – Pre-Game MEGA Confidence Programming

Are you planning to watch different Spanish channels in your TV? DISH Network offers you to choose your own package that matches your requirements. With every DISH Network Latino package you will be eligible for standard professional installation for up to 6 television sets.Pay only $19.99 every month to subscribe for the DishMexico package. This package enables you to watch over 55 Spanish and English language channels. This package comes at only $22.99 per month and allows you to watch your favorite sports channels including soccer. Also watch news channels, enjoy your favorite movies, music and other entertainment channels. Enjoy SHOWTIME free for a period of 3 months and watch your local channels at no extra cost with this package.

The DishLATINO Plus enables you to watch over 110 English and Spanish channels. Watch programming of popular channels like SyFy, Cartoon Network, USA, TBS and AMC. Watch over 25 high definition channels along with the local TV channels. It lets you to watch over 255 channels including 40+ channels in HD. Watch SHOWTIME free for 3 months along with facility when you subscribe to this package. So go for DISH Network today and order your favorite Latino package and enjoy rich TV entertainment.