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Verizon FiOS TV Interactive Guide - Find the TV Programming You're Looking For Faster

Once again Verizon FiOS TV is making history in the TV service industry. First Verizon FiOS raised the bar for television service by building the industry’s only fiber optic network used to provide TV service, Internet service and home phone service. Now Verizon FiOS also has the only interactive media guide for television.

Don’t you hate going to the guide screen of your TV service and searching for a particular movie or show? Verizon FiOS has introduced a new interactive media guide that works kind of like an Internet search. The interactive guide is great for kids, and for older customers who aren’t very familiar with digital TV service.

The Verizon FiOS interactive media guide is groundbreaking within the TV service industry.

Verizon FiOS TV Interactive Guide – Find the TV Programming You’re Looking For Faster

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