Checklist for Building Nonprofit Organizational Capacity

For several years, I’ve caused nonprofits on organizational assessment: self assessment, use some other evaluator, and preliminary make use of a simple checklist. Let me share what I’m finding to become probably the most important organizational areas to evaluate in the current challenging environment. Utilizing a checklist such as the one below might help many nonprofits being clearer by what organizational issues require attention.

Probably the most important issues to examine regularly include:

Planning. May be the organization working from the strategic plan, and tracking progress with goals?

Programs and Services. A business must be in a position to show that programs and services happen to be shaped by community need and consumer feedback. Programs have to demonstrate effective outcomes, and employ of effective or guidelines. Program information should drive the fund raising case statement.

Board. May be the board centered on governance: policy, fiscal oversight and fund raising. The board shouldn’t be associated with day-to-day management. And, in the current environment, the board ought to be very strongly engaged in fund raising with donors and special attractions.

Staff. Using a staff regarded as experts within their fields constitutes a massive difference in organizational effectiveness. Low staff turnover and high staff engagement in planning and feedback are essential.

Volunteers. Increasingly essential in today’s tight economy. Many agencies can recruit student interns, Americorps/Vista volunteers, adult and older adult community volunteers.

Finance. Organizations have to do financial planning that’s attentive to the present economic challenges. Budgets should reflect anticipated cuts from contracts and grants. Senior staff and also the board Finance Committee should review income and expenses regularly and recommend changes when needed. And, the business should create a number of scenarios for budget cuts that might be triggered by individual needs.

Fund Raising. Although a lot of causes of revenue is going to be cut soon, there are several extremely important possibilities to expand revenue with fund raising. The business should analyze high may be new opportunities for institutional giving (foundation grants, government contracts, civic or faith community gifts). There might be good quality potential there. However, where many organizations will discover the best potential is going to be with increasing donor income, especially income from major donors. Donors provide about 85% of giving within the U.S., based on Giving USA, meaning, they’re an essential source. And, secondly, many donors will most likely discover that their money is improving during 2011, and when there has been profits, charitable giving becomes increasingly vital that you them.

Those are a few of the most crucial areas to think about to have an organizational checklist. You will find others, obviously, including collaboration, evaluation, it and dealing for optimum leverage.

Make use of this checklist with board and staff. Create a intend to build strength in all these areas in the above list. Track progress, and celebrate success.

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Anne Hays Egan is definitely an organizational development consultant to nonprofits. She’s located in Placitas, near Santa Fe, NM. She’s caused countless nonprofits through the Usa, concentrating on strategic planning, organizational development, evaluation and interagency service network development. Anne provides information, resources and inexpensive coaching to nonprofits through her website: nonprofitsonline.net

She’s published newsletters for that sector, in addition to books and chapters. She’s presented papers internationally to Independent Sector, International Society of Third Sector Research and United Method of America. Her work continues to be cited in nonprofit management association networks, funding networks and association groups. She’s the first kind published from the Digest of Nonprofit Management, and Tools for Nonprofits. She provides information, resources, newsletters, fund-raising plan outlines, and several many other materials from her website: Nonprofits Online