Breakfast Tips For Busy People

When you wake up, your stomach is at its strongest, with digestive enzymes flowing. That is why breakfast is so important – skip breakfast and you will gradually weaken your stomach and your digestive function as a whole.
No matter how little you eat in the morning, you should eat something. Ideally, sit down for a bowl of organic porridge. As well as waking you up gradually, this will stave off hunger pangs throughout the day.
Weight loss without cutting meals
While many people think they will lose weight faster by skipping breakfast, quite the reverse is true.
Eating substantially less food will slow your metabolism, making it harder to for your body to burn fat. You will also be more likely to binge on sugary snacks to fight the feeling that you’re famished.
A healthy breakfast, on the other hand, gives your body the ideal start, speeding up your metabolism and making it easier to drop excess weight.
So, strange as it may seem, the key to losing weight is often to eat more, not less. Just make sure you eat more of the right type of foods!
Other breakfast benefits
Eating a healthy breakfast is vital for your mind as well as your body.
Extensive studies have shown that, as well as helping to improve your mood, eating breakfast aids concentration and improves memory – indeed school children who skip breakfast generally perform worse at school, and it is the same for adults at work.
If you want your brain to function at 100% for the whole day, a healthy breakfast is crucial.
Healthy breakfast ideas
A proper breakfast is the ideal way to start the day, but you may get bored if you have porridge or cereal everyday. The solution is simple – mix up your breakfasts.
If you want something sweeter, for example, why not start the day with a punnet of your favourite berries?
Alternatively, blend some fruits together into a delicious smoothie. You can experiment with a wide range of different fruits, so the variety of smoothies you can make is practically endless!
To savour the goodness of fresh vegetables, you can make a quick omelette with some mushrooms or spinach. This contains lots of protein so makes a great, healthy treat.
Provided you avoid bacon and eggs dripping in fat, having breakfast will help you become healthier, happier and more fulfilled.
Fitting breakfast into the day
Some people complain they are too busy, and simply can’t find the time to sit down and have breakfast.
However, if you start by having a quick piece of fruit for breakfast, you will quickly get into the rhythm of making time to eat in the morning.
Eventually you will find yourself going to bed earlier and waking up refreshed after a good night’s sleep with plenty of time to prepare some healthy and nutritious food.
Whether you want to lose weight or simply become a little healthier, it is vital that you start the day with a wholesome, nourishing breakfast.