Bose announces new Bose Portable Home Speaker

The new Bose Portable Home Speaker is available now and will cost you US$349.95.

Bose has announced a new speaker for home use, the Bose Portable Home Speaker. Yes, the Bose Portable Home Speaker is the model and name of this new Bluetooth speaker. This isn’t the first portable speaker the company has made, they also released the SoundLink Revolve awhile ago but the Bose Portable Home Speaker has some new features.

The design of the Portable Home Speaker is very similar to the SoundLink Revolve and promises an improved 360-degree sound with deeper bass than the SoundLink Revolve. The company also states the bass response is better than any other portable speaker on the market. The sweet thing is the speaker only weighs 2.3 lbs making it perfect to move from room to room.

Bose Portable Home Speaker audio
The design of the Portable Home Speaker is very similar to the SoundLink Revolve.

The Bose Portable Home speaker has up to 12 hours of battery life to last from morning to night with zero wires. Use Bluetooth to instantly stream tracks from your phone or tablet. Using Wi-Fi, just say the word — and a Bose proprietary voice pick-up system works with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, both built-in, to access playlists, podcasts, news, weather, smart home devices, and more. Choose AirPlay 2 to play music from Apple devices, or Spotify Connect to listen directly from the Spotify app. And hear it all through a new Bose acoustic package that makes everything sound better.

“Every Bose smart speaker is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled, but the Bose Portable Home Speaker is the first to offer a rechargeable battery — along with a short list of features everyone wants and loves,” said Ben Burns, senior product manager for Bose speakers. “We lived with it like anyone else would — with our families and friends, away from work — to make sure it was the kind of product we wanted to use, day after day. It was. And we think people who take it home will feel the same way.”

There are buttons on top for basic functionality, including Bose’s proprietary mic-off feature — which cuts power to the microphones, eliminating any possibility you can be listened to or recorded — along with power, volume, play/pause and skip tracks, wake or dismiss virtual assistants, and Bluetooth source.

The Bose Portable Home Speaker is cylindrical, measuring 7.5” high and just over 4” across, and wrapped in a seamless, anodized aluminum enclosure shaped precisely to enable its audio performance. Inside, three passive radiators, a high-excursion driver, and a proprietary deflector distribute clear, lifelike sound evenly in every direction — including size-defying bass. Unlike conventional speakers, there’s no sweet-spot for placement or listening — it delivers the same, jaw-dropping experience wherever it is, wherever you are. And while the left and right channels in standard one-piece systems can cancel each other out — leaving audible gaps in music — the Portable speaker won’t. Bose mono-signal technology makes corrections in real time, so you hear everything the artist recorded.


The new Bose Portable Home Speaker is available now and will cost you US$349.95.