AT&T data leak results in customer filing class-action lawsuit

News broke a few days ago, that AT&T suffered a data leak. The modern data leak is nothing new to most of us. As a matter of fact, I have had several people shrug this data leak off. Most users are now conditioned to just accept that this is going to happen. I had one user tell me she didn’t care because they have her information already, it’s not like they can do anything to her.

We, of course, do not agree with this attitude. But, it does go to show that, indeed, most users are numb to privacy and data issues. But one AT&T user decided that enough is enough and has filed a class-action lawsuit against AT&T for the recent data leak, in which the data of up to 73 million users was leaked and being sold on the dark web. That lawsuit can be viewed here.

Data Leak Lawsuit

Customer files class-action lawsuit against AT&T over recent data leak

According to PCMag, the law firm Morgan & Morgan announced the lawsuit today, two days after AT&T reset passcodes for millions of users after the stolen data was found circulating on the internet. “We allege AT&T knew about the vulnerability that allegedly led to this breach, but allowed it to occur by failing to act,” the law firm said in a statement.

The lawsuit claims that dark web criminals have been selling stolen AT&T data since 2021. PCMag says, that’s when a hacking group called Shinyhunters was spotted auctioning off an archive containing data on over 70 million AT&T users. The data included full names, email addresses, physical addresses, and at least in some cases, Social Security numbers and dates of birth.

AT&T initially denied the data leak and information had come from them but has since confirmed the breach. AT&T has not said much about the issue and has not commented on the lawsuit from Morgan & Morgan. The only information the company has shared is this blog post encouraging users to keep their account secure.

I’ve said this before, many times, these security problems will continue to happen and data leaks will increase with very little being done about them. Most users are blind to the consequences, and most companies are swift to clean up the mess and find ways to take the focus off them. We don’t know if this lawsuit will change anything, we certainly hope it can. But it is unlikely.